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I've read through the tutorial and checked a lot of the other threads on here relating to it but none really helped me. I've set up an rss feed which is linked to search results from a site. I want a filter that will weed out all the fansubbers except the one I want to download. I've been able to get utorrent to download all of the fansubbers releases but not the episode I wanted. For some reason, it downloaded all the previous ones but not this one, even though I told it only to download from this new release onwards. Here are some screenshots capture6q.jpg

The first one is what I get when I right click on the feed and click edit feed. The second is the filters window and the third is what I see in the feed.



An explanation of what the clocks mean would also be helpful.

Note: The episode that has finished downloading was started by me and not by utorrent. I want utorrent to filter out everything except for the gg releases and automatically downloading everything after this episode.

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your filter is good.

- You should add the "episode" column to your main view to anderstand. I don't see anyepisodes in your RSS feed/list view

- check "smart episode filter"

- clocks are links from the last 24 hours

- use the "?" button to "debug" your filter.

- add "to" episode to your filter 1x12-5x24

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Unfortunately that episode I just downloaded was the last so I'm just trying to understand the rss business now for future reference. When I added the episode column to my main view it was empty. What does that mean?

Why do I still see the releases from other groups instead of just gg?

I clicked the ? button and it said "last episodes matched: 193x140" What does that mean?

Why aren't the episodes that meet my criteria downloading automatically? I've tried clicking "Automatically download all items...." in the subscription window that's in my first screenshot but then another filter is added to my list which has just an asterisk in the filter field. Utorrent then adds all of the torrents from that feed and downs them all. How do I get it to do that but obey my filter instead of the one it keeps creating automatically?

Sorry about all the questions.

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