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Speed Issues


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I am using sbcglobal.net for my ISP. I have 1.5mb/sec download - 368kb/sec upload.

I have a speedstream 4100 modem.

I have a Linksys WRT54G Router /Wireless. in gateway mode, and have utorrent set on port forward 20,000

I am using a Rlink Wireless 54mb/sec USB ethernet card

I am using Windows XP-SP3, Firewall is set for Utorrent to use 20,000

I am using Utorrent 2.0.4, I have listening port set at 20,000.

Speed Test reports the following:

180kb/sec upload speed

My Issue: My downloads will not pass over 160kb/sec, My uploads will not pass 20kb/sec. I would like to know why my speeds are not higher.

Thanks in advance

The Womb!

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I got off the the phone with the ISP provider.

The tech said never go by what the download mentiond by Utorrent says. He told me to take the number and multiply it by 8, and that is the correct download speed.

He also mentioned that because I am running 5 computers in the house, to change from chanell 6 to chanell 8 on the Linksys router. By doing this, the transfer rates to the computers will improve.

Tomorrow I am upgrading to 6mb download instead of the 1.5 I have.

Anyone heard of the multiply the Utorrent download speed by a factor of 8?

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