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I want to share my files


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ok, I am really good at finding torrents, and watching the screen as they download, I like I used to watch defrag on windows 3.11 for workgroups. Can only be compared to playing Pong, before Atari. Anyone around here that old?

Ok, so now, I have 6TB of movies, and music. I want to make torrents, and share. But I have had 0 luck. Here is what I am doing, and my questions.

I click the torrent wizard icon, and I make a torrent for a movie. I add a bunch of trackers that I picked off downloads (and have no idea if I am doing trackers right)

The torrent is kept in the same folder as the movie.

Then I goto BT Junkie, and I click upload, and I click the torrent that I made on my computer.

So now what? the file is not listed in my Utorrent program, and no one is uploading my files. I keep making torrents and uploading them to BT Junkie, but I dont see anyone wanting them.

So my questions are:

1.) What else do I need to do to share files?

2.) Can I move torrent files around my computer, or do they have to stay in the folder they were orginally created in?

3.) What is inital seeding about?

4.) What happens when I set up a server computer next year. Do I have to make all new torrents?

5.) How can people around the world see what I have to share?

6.) How can I prevent any legal issues with sharing?

Hope I get some good answers back!

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