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[REQUEST] download dir based on torrent loading dir


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ok so this is the feature i've always dreamed of:

say you have a autoload dir


and some subdirs



and all the client is supposed to do now is download to a specified location

say /home/user/torrents/music to /mnt/musicdisk/inc

and /home/user/torrents/movies to /mnt/moviedisk/inc

its actually quite simply but ive not found any client which can do that so far.

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Had to support.

What I loved in Win uTorrent was cool directory selection with history of last chosen folders.

I hope You will provide us with this vital feature in stable release.

There are some options with dir_download param but still can't set config file to work(


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- The add torrent dialog in the web UI now allows the user to choose

which download directory to use for the torrent being added

Thanks!, but can you provide the exact instruction on how to use it. From initial installation and adm view torrent adding process remains the same: no new pop-ups, no buttons.

Should I create non-adm user record for everyday usage activities?

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