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Question Regarding 1kb/s uploading limit


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Just like everyone to know I'm not a leecher.

I download full-speed during off-peak with 1kb seeding limit and seed fully to a ratio of 1.5 sometimes up to 10 depending on the quality of the file during peak as my isp has free uploads.

I posted this on my countries primary communication boards.


I was concerned my ISP is limiting P2P traffic as I can download full speed 300kb via HTTP. They've told me it's most likely a limiting issue in uTorrent. I want to confirm this.

Will limiting my torrents upload speed (1kb) affect the download speed?

I was told

What torrent client are you using? Some (e.g. uTorrent) limit your download speed to a multiple of your upload speed if you set your upload limit too low, and 1 kilobyte/sec would definitely trigger that.

Is this true? if so what would be a decent seeding speed that won't affect the download speed. I ask this because my ISP offers over 100gig downloading during (6hr) off-peak session and I want to utilize all the possible download and fear uploading will interfere with that.

My line speed at night couple of hours before peak

Your line speed is 2.64 Mbps (2637 kbps).

Your download speed is 330 KB/s (0.32 MB/s).

another test, during the day

Data: 9 MB

Test Time: 21.12 secs

Your line speed is 3.58 Mbps 3579 kbps

Your download speed is 447 KB/s 0.44 MB/s

During off-peak it seems my torrent's stick around 50kb/s, sometimes wonder up to 100-160 for a few moments. Then go back to around 50kb/s and stay around there. Adding 8 torrents at once they seem to stick around 10kb/s and one or two might be going at 40kb and sometimes the average speed reaches 75kb combined.

I'm trying to download as much as possible during my 6 hours off-peak. When I first started using uTorrent on the line I was getting 6 gig worth of torrents in one night. Now I'm lucky to get 1.5 - 2gig and all the time my seeding was limited to 1kb/s.

Also primarily curious if uploading at the same time affect the download speed, or if i'm reducing upload for no reason?

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There no longer is the "Download Limited" limiter in uTorrent, however uTP behaves rather poorly if upload is limited to only 1 KB/sec...OR if you try to limit overheads as well.

Uploading at the same time as downloading will only reduce download speed *IF* the resulting overheads are causing line overloads...or there's ISP throttling/disrupting going on.

You'll definitely want to keep overheads to a minimum, because those count against your bandwidth limits as well. Dropped and resent packets probably have the awful distinction of costing multiple times over. :(

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