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Upload speed setting's need to be fix fast.


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The great thing about Torrent's is sharing them but I'm not feeling it as much lately as everyone seem's to hint and run or thottle there upload speeds.

What I would like to see happen is to have the creator's of utorrent Fix the Minimum upload speed at 25kb's that way people can not throttle upload speed's to some stupid setting like 2kb's.

For example I'm downloading a torrent right now and I have 30 seeder's giving me the torrent and have been stuck at 2kb's download speed for 24 hour's straight,I set my upload everytime at 25kb's and then unlimited once it has finished and there are sometime's I'm olny giving back 2 to 10kb's.I also think if there would be a way to have utorrent work so that if 25 is the lowest you can set it at and if the person's net speed won't give the full 25 and olny something lower than that they should not be punished.I really think this needs to change as I download alot and I see this happenening alot where I get a ton of seeder's and crap for speed from isohunt and other site's where you can hit and run but go to demonoid and torrentzone iptorrent torrentdamage and I get 1 to 3.5mb's speeds and I know these site's are set up a bit different but I still think not giving people the option would be a big help in speeding up torrent's.

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