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Problem Solved:

Add Torrent (no default save).

This option is listed under the FILE-menu.

Use this option to upload a torrent for seeding.

Some users have problems as clicking this option does not seem to seed, instead the torrent starts downloading.

Here's the correct way to use 'Add Torrent (no Default save)'.

Go to Options>Preferences>Directories.

Notice 'Put New Downloads in', check this box and browse to any folder on your system. Lets say you previously created a folder 'D: STREAM' and now browse/point/select this folder for your new downloads.

Notice 'Move Completed Downloads To', check this box and browse to any folder on your system. Lets say you previously created a folder 'D: COMPLETES' and now browse/point/select this folder for your COMPLETED downloads.

Now check ' Only move from the default download directory'. Leave all other options unchecked.

Here's the Catch.

ALWAYS first put your "source file" into the STREAM folder/directory.

THEN create a torrent (magic wand button) for that source file.

'uT' will now ask you to point/browse ("select Source>add file/add directory") to your source file.

You have already put/saved the source file in STREAM, SO browse to STREAM and select the source file from here.

And if you wish to seed it later on, do not check on the 'start seeding' box, instead click on 'create and save as' and 'uT' will ask you where you want to save the '.torrent file'.

SAVE the '.torrent file' to any location "other" than the 'STREAM' OR 'COMPLETES' folders/directories. Say you saved it on the DESKTOP


'uT' will open a browser window searching for your '.torrent file'.

Now browse to the '.torrent file' which you have already placed on the DESKTOP.

SELECT IT AND SEE, 'uT' starts checking the file and SEEDS IT ON COMPLETING THE CHECK.


" Always place the source file in the new downloads directory you have specified"

" Always place the .torrent file for this source file in a separate location away from the new downloads and completed downloads directories"

"The moment 'uT' starts seeding the file, the source file gets automatically moved to the COMPLETES directory/folder from the STREAM directory/folder."

"Therefore if you remove your seeding torrent, clicking on the 'add torrent (no default save)' option will not work. Thus be sure to cut/remove the source file from the COMPLETES folder and paste it to the STREAM folder again. Only then will your '.torrent file' seed.

NB: this tutorial is for beginners and amateurs at uploading/ seeding who run into this particular problem. Pros may have some variations on this theme.

Thanks and happy seeding.

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