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Torrent Hash Code


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Hello Everyone,

I'm writing an application that works with a remote uTorrent using the API.

I get a torrent link from an RSS feed and adds it to the uTorrent.

For future reference, I would like to save the torrents hash code in my DB.

What I thought of doing is

1. Getting the list of torrents before

2. Save the cache ID

3. Add the torrent

4. Get the changed torrents using the cache ID I have

5. Find my torrent (last in queue) and save it's hash code.

Unfortuantly, this algorithm is not working so well.

Getting the changed torrents is not working so good and my assumption about the queue location is not always correct.

Anyone has a better idea? Is there an API function for me to calculate the hash code?

It would be very nice if after adding a new torrent I'll get the hash code back (in JSON).



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That I can think of, there isn't really a simple way to do this (get hashes for torrents newly added via RSS filters) accurately with 2.0.

Using 3.0 though, µTorrent does send with the torrent list a field indicating what feed the torrent was added from, and that should provide you with a more accurate way to track what you need.

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