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OS / HDD / Utorrent error?


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I'm downloading a video file which has finished 15.1% and another which has finished 14.8%. When I opened the first file, it instead started playing something else, about killing animals for food. First I thought someone has messed up the file by putting something related to animal rights (I've heard they insert such clips in recent movies so that they can pass the message of not eating meat). Then I realized that what it was playing is something that I had downloaded a long time back, a documentary on eating meat.

After this I tried to open the second file, but it started playing a totally different video file which I'm also downloading at present, but the problem is that file is in .rars, and I've only downloaded the first five rars to see the quality, but not unzipped them yet!

On top of this, I tried to find the documentary file, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm sure about this, I've searched quite a few times. The HDD is a 1 TB one, and there's only 31 GBs left, the rest if all packed with stuff, and the largest disk space is 5.5 GBs on a partition of 200 GBs.

So is the problem with XP, or with the hard disk, with Utorrent, or some kind of malware messing things up? I have an updated AV and firewall, so I don't think its a virus. Another thing, lately I've faced a problem where when I switch on the computer, the DVD drive light blinks for a few seconds, the monitor does not start, and the hard disk light is continuously on, and it doesn't boot at all so I have to press the reset button.

Plz help.

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