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Speed problem


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i'm experiencing less then stellar speeds where previously i have been having decent speeds.

Utorrent version 2.2 beta (version 22007)

I have read the speed guides etc, tried various things but still get less then decent speeds, see the links for my settings and speed test.





http://i56.tinypic.com/e7zbcj.jpgi would be greatful for any help, thanks.

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Don't know where to ask. I just register on this forum for this purpose. Please guide me to the right place if such place exists. The problem is with the upload speed. The same system, the same firewall rules, etc. If I upgrade to the last beta (and this situation continues for a month for sure) - the upload speed is terribly low. Like 5-10KB/s. If I return a stable version 2.0.4 - the upload speed becomes stable 58-64KB/s (which is normal for my connection x/512Kbit/s)

What can be wrong? Or is it something with the last beta I missed?


Yury from Minsk, Belarus

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As best you can tell, is the beta slower because it's:

1.Not even attempting to connect to other peers/seeds outgoing?

2.Not getting any peer/seed connections INCOMING (meaning firewalled in uTorrent)?

3.Quickly losing connection to peers/seeds?

4.Having serious tracker problems -- disconnects, error messages in Tracker window/tab?

5.Connecting to far fewer peers/seeds than v2.0.4 even on "busy" torrents?

6.Using/not using uTP and Teredo while v2.0.4 is only using TCP?

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There's the Trackers, Peers, Speed, and Logger (right-click to enable logging all but the verbose stuff) window/tabs that have a considerable amount of information on them.

If all the trackers are getting errors, if peers either only connect briefly and/or do nothing when connected, if the speed graph shows extremely bursty or little activity even during the "best" of times, if Logger shows all kinds of "background" errors.

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Here are screenshots of two versions of utorrent.

version 2.0.4



Speed tabstrip


Then I updated to the latest utorrent beta v2.2 (b22328)


and.. currently it seems to be fine. so I will wait for a while and come up with results

If a current beta won't work fine I try to answer to Switeck's questions.

Here is one more interesting point. I think the new version concentrates on a single torrent while the old one don't.



Yep, two hours later everething goes back. Currently the upload speed is 5-10KB/s. A log shows many errors with "... Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)"


more errors (mostly with version 2.0.4)

...[µTorrent 2.0.4 (2.0)]: Disconnect: Connection closed

...[µTorrent 2.0.4 (43.3)]: Disconnect: Not downloading

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