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Re-reading part of downloaded torrent make my pc freeze for long time!


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I found that when my pc start up utorrent always make my pc freeze for hours because it have to recheck part of downloaded torrent. Usually, my torrent size is 3GB so if 4 torrents is downloaded at the same time then I cannot use my pc.

I used to use bitspirit. It works well and when my pc start, it recheck as well but doesn't make my pc freeze at all. And I don't feel bitspirit is rechecking.

Hope this function will changing soon.

Thanks you,


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You've got some other problem on your PC, unrelated to either client. For one, it shouldn't be re-checking, it only does that on bad shutdowns. Two, if it's freezing on both, you have either a hardware problem (probably your HDD dying), or some software is screwing it up.

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