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20+ seeds and can't connect to any of them


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I'm using 2.0.4 utorrent on vista x64. Before I upgrade to 2.0.4 utorrent everything worked fine. Now after the upgrade I never see any seeds connected when downloading a file. It doesn't matter what file it is or which tracker it's been posted to I'm unable to get any active seeds.

My port has an execption through my router and shows open when running speedtest. Windows firewall is off and avg av has execptions for utorrent also.

This has been going on over a month and a very popular file that has 2000+ seeds at this time I can't connect to any seeds. DHT and Peer exchange seem to be the only way I can download anything.

Please help!

My next step is to completlly uninstal utorrent and delete all the folders and regisitery keys and do a fresh instal.

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