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uTorrent for an exchange of files between clients, without server use.


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I apologize for the bad English, I hope it will clear my thoughts.

Is it possible to make the possibility of sharing files between users, without using a server, for example in a local network.

Probably built in uTorrent a minibrowser of files , for viewing downloads on the remote computer.

P.S. Once again I apologize for grammatical errors.

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What for the shared-folder?

As I see, it is possible to make through port.

Probably I have badly explained the thought.

I would like to have possibility to create a file "???.torrent" to transfer this file to the friend in a local network. That the friend could download in me a film, not being connected to a server, and having connected directly to mine IP, on port XXX.

I like speed of a file transfer through uTorrent, it would be desirable to have possibility to use it being connected between clients.

P.S. I use program HAMACHI, this program allows to organise a local network between any computers in a network the Internet. If was possible to start uTorrent in local networks, without server use it would be very magnificent.

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