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Update causing problems


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Hello since updating utorrents 2.04 I am having some problems.

My other computer (without utorrent) broadband keeps going off, also my uploads are slowing right down havent got high in the first place (BT in my area highest only 5mb dont know how they get away with not upgrading area exchange. not broadband provider who has up to 20mb)

Anyway digressing . Under setup guide I have

Uplaod speed of 573,44kbit/s

Under preferences I have

Bandwidth - global no of con. 400

max per torrent - 90

no of slots - 5

max uplaod rate - 70

max global download rate 40

Advanced with * are

bt allow same ip - true

net max half open 50

disconnect inactive interval 600

update inactive 20

Can you help at all as other machine has only started having problems since I updated. I looked at a few sites to get the settings I have now, just that it seems to stop and go

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