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DHT : waiting to log in ?


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I updated also to latest beta version and now i have no connections at all.

It just says at the bottom that DHT: Waiting to log in and nothing happends.

The bandwidth connection test comes out with "Connection failed error: Timed out. (10060)"

Wtf is going on? Any ideas? I've changed no settings in windows or firewall and everything was working just fine before updating. I've also tried installing a previous version and deleting the settings-files and DHT-files from the APPDATA-folder, but it did no good. Sigh.

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I just updated my utorrent client to 22150 and it keeps coming up with DHT: 0 Nodes

Could it be the torrent file aswell??

I have re-installed 2 times on 2 of my computers and nothing works i have also tryed new torrent files and other torrents but no luck there....

i have dont the setup guide aswell

im all out of idea's may someone help me out with a step by step guide ???? or even just a link to a video of someform

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