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Upgrading from Vista to 7 and can't get torrents to migrate

spotted zebra

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I have been using vista but decided to make the jump to 7. I probably have a couple hundred active torrents I would like to continue seeding and downloading but I do not know how to make the transition.

I have tried copying all the torrents from the Vista hdd to my raid then letting utorrent read them from the raid but it doesn't seem to work. instead of seeding the torrents i have already completed it starts downloading them; even if i redirect it to the downloaded folder and force a recheck. just for clarification all the stuff i download via torrent goes onto the raid and the raid is accessible on both the Vista and 7 hdd.

is there a way to copy all the .torrent files used in one OS to another one and have them all still work? if so how?

I am sure this is a common problem and i have searched the forums and google some but i am not really sure what to use for search criteria.

thanks in advance for any help.

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