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Recurring Error Message on Downloading Torrents.


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Hi everyone,

I've been using Utorrent for about two years now, and up until now I have never experienced any serious problems. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit on my previous PC (which soon after committed suicide by cutting adrift one of its heat syncs, consequently frying the motherboard.) In the brief period before its demise, I had no problem running Utorrent and downloading/uploading torrents on my newly upgraded Windows 7 license.

This week I received my new PC, a baseline unit but still superior to my old PC which, well, was pretty damn old.

I have the exact same setup as I did before. I am using the same Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit with the same license key (although this ought to be immaterial and it is a genuine copy). I downloaded Utorrent and installed it, made an exception with my firewall/anti-virus (Kaspersky 2011 - which incidentally I used before) and everything appears as normal. That is until I attempt to download a torrent, almost any torrent, at which point I receive the following message: 'Error: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open'. I can restart the torrent but minutes, often seconds later, it halts the download again and throws up the same message. This is annoying on at least two counts, firstly it slows down my download progress making it an extremely laborious process (especially if I'm pottering about on firefox etc. and fail to notice and restart it) but secondly and most irksome of all is that I cannot abandon my PC and leave Utorrent to do its job untended!

I am not a complete novice with computers, nor am I an expert. The annoying thing is that I cannot think of anything different which should have caused this problem to arise. But that's PC's for you; as temperamental as women!

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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