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Speed not the same from one ISP to another


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Im having a speed problem that shouldn't really be there. I live away from home and in a townhouse for college. I have a fairly fast ISP at my townhouse with a 10mbps down. I noticed that I only been getting a 10kbps download on my torrents. This is a good health torrent with high seeders and low leachers.

I went home for the weekend and noticed that at home I was getting 100kbps and the internet at my parents place is very slow. About 3mbps.

Why is it doing this? Is the different ISPs messing around with my settings or somthing?

Many thanks in advance

Edit: I forgot to mention but at my parents place they have a DLink Dir-615 and here I also have the same router but its not connected at the moment. Im currently running directly off the modem. If that makes a difference

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uTorrent is configured based on upload speed max the line can sustain.

But on top of that, being firewalled and/or ISP disrupting/throttling BitTorrent traffic can make the lack-of-download-speed much worse.

But that doesn't really explain why Im getting bad download speeds. Especially when Im going from a very slow internet to a very fast internet service. The fast ISP has a very high upload speed. In fact as of now its faster then my download. Sitting at 60kbps.

Would it make a difference if I let the program pass port through my modem. should I just setup my router first then pass utorrent through that? Im just very curious why my download is significantly slower on this internet.

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Throttling and disruption can occur regardless of the overall speed of the connection otherwise.

If an ISP does that, even a much "slower" speed tier from another ISP will BE faster for BitTorrent.

You didn't say if uTorrent is firewalled at either location...or I missed it if you did. :(

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