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Upload working just fine, Download stays at less than 10kB/s


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I read the speed guide read everything that was posted and can't seem to figure this one out. The upload reaches its limit but the download stays extremely low and sometimes non-existent. I have the newest version 2.0.4 of uTorrent. Any suggestions on what i should do?? The limit for download according to the bandwith in setup says it should be around 180kB/s.

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"along with uTorrent in the background showing the torrent's conditions"

...seems to be missing.

Here's the info: http://img163.imageshack.us/i/capturejd.png/

...doesn't seem to be what you think it is. :P

Your speed graph shows upload never reaching above ~50 KiloBYTE/second.

The download "plateaus" on opposite sides of the graph -- did they happen to fall outside the evening hours of 5-12 PM? If so, it suggests ISP tampering with speeds during evening hours.

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