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I want to give back to the world and upload but I can't!


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Hello everyone I really appreciate using utorrent for a variety of different purposes and am fortunte enough to have an excellent connection with blazing dl speeds usually between 2-3 mb per second.

Unfortunatly I can't give back to the community at all though! when my download completes and I leave it running in utorrent, it doesn't upload like it should, no matter what torrent I click on or what web site its found. it uploads at 0.5 kbs and I'm never really able to upload much of anything at all.

I just feel really bad because I dl such HIGH volume amounts and have benefited so much from torrents, that I want a FAIR RATIO.

Can anyone on this board or in the torrent community please tell me how I can adjust some settings so that I can upload. I don't want to be an evil leecher :)


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