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Utorrent not downloading


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Hey guys.

I'm on a work connection, so this may all be on this end...

Earlier today, after utorrent not working all last week on this connection, I had a strong connection. Only problem was, all browser activity would time out (which is a problem I had when utorrent was running last week, but not downloading anything... strange) so I could not add new torrents or do anything else. After shutting down utorrent, the browser pages will load, but upon restarting utorrent, it won't dl/ul and the browser times out.

Here's what has change in my computer: I installed Avast! and then uninstalled. I've turned off and turned on the Windows 7 firewall.

None of this works at all. I would assume its something the admin has blocked, but it worked really well earlier today (brought the computer to work while utorrent was connected. It only stopped working after I restarted utorrent.)

Any suggestions?

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