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utorrent redownloading torrent after moving to different location


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Hello there

I downloaded this torrent and so far it worked fine. However now I wanted to move the files (12 since it was a batch torrent) to another location. I stopped the torrent, moved the folder with the files then right-clicked the torrent and set a new download location to where I moved the files and restarted the torrent.

Now it ... downloads the whole thing again which is clearly not what I intended. The files are already there so I don't really understand what or why utorrent is trying to download. What I would like is to tell utorrent that I moved the files somewhere else and that it should start seeding from there. Used Vuze for years and it was extremely easy to do so there but now I'm kinda confused how this works in utorrent.

edit: The ratio for the torrent is going down as well as my total ratio which just fell below 1.0 which bothers me quite a bit :(

I did the same thing with a torrent that only had a single file in it and that worked perfectly. If anybody would have a solution to that it would be greatly appreciated.

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