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Utorrent is not connecting to seeds or peers all of a sudden


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have had a quick look around the forum and although I've seen some similar threads they don't really seem to be in the same context as mine so I've had to start another one...

Utorrent has stopped connecting to seeds or peers that it has acknowledged in brackets after the torrent.

I realised this after I switched on my external drive and instead of it displaying its usual autoplay destination of drive G: it chose the letter F:

My Utorrent client has bees set up to download to drive G: and I realised that i'd plugged in a MP3 player the other day whilst my external G; drive had been unconnected. The MP3 player/storage had now assumed the G: directory.

Easy enough I thought and I right-clicked My Computer> manage> and swapped the drive letters round to their original directories - I got a message saying that it could make some programs work differently but I ignored this (I'm sure this as happened before and I've followed this procedure with no adverse affect to any program I've been using) and carried on.

Now the seeds and peers just remain in brackets without the torrent connecting to either of them.

I'm running Utorrent 1.8.2 and I don't wish to upgrade it, and i'm using Windows XP and currently on GUI is the following indicators;

DHT 327 nodes

A healthy green tick

~Any advice will be extremely welcome.


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