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Problem With Some Torrents


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i have this problem with most torrents :

in tracker status :

" No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it "

and sometimes the status " connection closed by peer "

and the downloading is very slow ,

in the same time i have few torrents tracker status is " working " with good downloading speed.

my O/S Win 7 , Utorrent 2.0.4 ,

i disable the firewall nut the same problem ,

i don't understand why some torrents works ok but the others don't.

any suggestions?

and thanks

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hello, ever since i updated my client to 2.0.4 i get the same error for most of the public trackers, including tpb ---> connection closed by peer

The down arrow turns red and the download won't start.

I installed Vuze and i was surprised to see that i don't get that error and the torrent is working like it should.

And no, is not a firewall problem or anything like this. Ideas ?

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Ok, here's the torrent announce (uTorrent):


The down arrow turns red (and remains that way while the hours are passing by).

When i open the very same torrent file in Vuze the download is starting ! Why ? :|

I really enjoyed using uTorrent until now but if this bug (or whatever it is) is not getting fixed I'd have to switch to Vuze.

Thanks in advance.

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OK, i enabled the DHT and it's working now. Everything worked fine with DHT disabled until now. I even enabled it once, right before my first reply in this thread but without luck. Maybe i wasn't patient enough. It takes quite a few seconds for the status to change after you went through the options panel. And you were right about tpb, i get the same error on Vuze. Seems like Vuze had DHT enabled by default.

Thanks for helping me through this !

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There is no need to disable DHT globally in your client (only if you have router crashes etc of course), especially when you download public and private torrents at the same time.

Support teams from private trackers arguing you need tot disable globally DHT to download properly their torrents and refresh correctly your ratio on their trackers lie to you.

µT is enough smart o disable DHT when the torrent has the private flag.

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this is the tracers of most not working torrents :





so i understand now they will never work again ?

so what trackers should i use to get the torrents works again?

thanks for all helps

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This is one list of trackers from a torrent that I'm having problems with since updating Utorrent

Basically now all I can download from is peer exchange

All others time out

Have Green on bottom and setup guide test shows port open but speed test times out

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i try the trackers listed in the other topic ( i past all the trackers )

i have working status now for trackesr in some torrents but very low speed downloading

is that another problem?

i also have status " connection timed out "

and some torrents downloads very good ( 400 Kb ) then changed to 30 !

is thier file or somthing to load the best config to utorrent

thanks again for helping ,

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