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internet browsing and download speeds dramatically reduced


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i decided to register here just to seek some help, as ive done some serious google and i can find the similar issue and a small short description of what may be the problem, but no solutions for it so far, so im going to come out and ask myself since i believe i know what the problem is, just not the solution. After downloading variosu torrents and such for the last month, just recently (yesterday), i started noticing a decrease in my internet speed, i shut off my p2p program and restarted everything (pc, modem/router) and no luck, speed test says ive got 0.32mb down and 86~90 up. my ups are close to what they where but my down is 1/10th what it was 3mbs(isp rating, in reality is 2.6mbs~ish) The problem from what i understand is with my modem/router (its a combo :[ ) apparently it cannot handle too many multiple connections as it trys to remember them to make connections faster, which is pointless with torrents can most connections are barely used more then once, so its all clogged up basically. I havnt had my p2p program on and still its been almost 24 hours and my DL speed sucks, i had my modem unplugged for like 5 hours and it helped a lil but the speeds went back to crap by the time i got home for work. No-one is hijackings my wireless, ( i live in the midlle of nowhere) and when i connect directly to my modem/router no difference in speed, my other pc is having the exact same issue, i have factory reset my modem/router with no results, contacted my ISP (Message Express Internet, MEI.net) and they told me everything is fine on their end, so its as i thought my modem/router, is there anyway i can clear the cache or whatever is storring these old connections? I am in need of help here please, as i said its not really a torrent speed issue, its a internet speed issue that was i believe caused by torrent downloading, i dont think its virus related simply from the fact that all devices ive tried on the connection have the same issue, i hope i can get some help. thank u. btw specs for modem/router are as folllows Model: Comtrend ct-5361t here is the manual = www.comtrend.com/dbase/download/CT5361T_A3.3.pdf

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