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Limiting active torrents when downloading takes place.


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I've tried for a very long time now to find something in the settings that will nail my active torrents till a specific number when I happen to download something.

Question: Why?

Answer: Me and lot of other people use the RSS to pick down torrents automaticly for us and running lots of torrents the same time as a simultaneously download occurs will in most cases make the upload suffer.

Only way I found to bypass this is to drasticly reduce the number of active torrents till that moment the download is complete, then its ok to increase the amount a little and still push the upload to a maximum.

Solution: Something that automaticly limits active torrents to a number set of me as fast as a download starts or occur in uTorrent and as soon its complete releases the limit to the normal number of active torrents.

This should be something you could enable/disable, as for now I must manually switch the number of active torrents, and uTorrent would be so much better of doing this itself.

Thanks in advance.

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