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Trouble with seeding and ISP OPTONLINE.NET (NY Area) -- Newbie needs a


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I am using a high-end Windows 7 64bit CPU with

an OPTONLINE.NET "Ultra" Connection (101 down / 15 up).

I also use a wired connection to an Airport Extreme router

network with a Windows XP computer

While I can use any TORRENT software to download

files, I am unable to share them. Opening Ports 25

and 80, my only options, does not permit the "holes"

that I am looking for either

Needless to say, I've accomodated my Windows Firewall

to open appropriate ports as well; to no avail.

Diagnostic tests within Vuze and Utorrent indicate that

my computer has no outbound connection to the Internet

that will permit seeding. Whatever I need to reach in order

to "spread my wealth," I can't.

I'm a newbie and I have nice stuff to share. Is there anything that I

can do as a workaround?

Would using a service such as StrongVPN (www.strongvpn.com)

be of assistance?

Help and thanks

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Your post suggests confusion.

I'm not sure about Vuze, but uTorrent simply does not check for "outbound connection to the Internet".

uTorrent's listening port is for incoming connections only...which even if firewalled/blocked does not mean uTorrent cannot upload to others.

Outgoing connections to peers can download/upload as needed, assuming there's no other problems.

1st link in my signature for more troubleshooting details...

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