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Frequent Crashes on XP.


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This concerns utorrent 2.0.4 (22150) and its immediate predecessor.

My machine has started crashing frequently. It may crash anywhere between once and four times a day. It is a minimal XP SP3, hardly changed since installation, locked-down with SteadyState and only unlocked to update Kaspersky. utorrent is on a separate partition, in its portable setup. It has been stable for a long time.

The machine is unattended and because of that and SteadyState discarding all changes to the system partition on reboot, I'm not sure if it BSODs or crashes directly to a restart. I've seen it happen once, and that time it crashed directly into a restart - no BSOD.

Lately, I have added a filter to an RSS feed, and in a matter of days it may download 20 or so files. Right now, there are about 70 files seeding.

Could the increased traffic be resulting in the crashes? How do I best find out what's going on?

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