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limited speed at 1.4mb/s max - tried all tutorials


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i have a 25mb/s fiber optics internet

i´ve got a pretty good and stable router - NETGEAR 3500L with latest firmware - wich should be able to handle up to 2048 simultaneos connections.

i-ve got a core i5 750 + 4gb ddr3 1333 cas 9 - WD AALS 500gb as mais HD and WD 500 AAKS single plated for storage

cat 5 cables and 568B

windows 7 64 bit ultimate

my ISP is OK .

i have forwared the port 52823 - wich seems to be working very well

also forwarded 6881 to 6999 - just in case

windows firewall is OFF

i made downloads from a FTP where i got 20 to 25 mb/s

all tutorials for speed problemas are pretty old and are too conservative for me.

i want to use agressive settings and get some heavy torrents !

for instance, my upload is 5mb/s - so my upload limit is 400kb/s , max global 1800, peers per torent 800, upload slots per torrent 250 and max global downloadrate 2500kb/s

this numbers come from the calculations of the tutorials....

but top most u´ve got 1.4mb/s, never more. but most torrents stay between 400 to 600kb/s

i really don´t know anymore what to do - please help me !

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"this numbers come from the calculations of the tutorials...."

I know of no tutorials on this website OR recommended by any of the regular posters on this website that could possibly generate the settings you're using.

Try the 5 mbit/sec upload settings from my speed guide (2nd link in my signature) or from uTorrent's own Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

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