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Getting Error Message with both Bittorrent and UTorrent HELP!!


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Hi there I've been happily down/up loading with Bit Torrent for the past 8 months or so. This past week I started a download and a message came up asking me if I wanted to download the latest version. Wanting all the patches and fixes I said yes. When I restarted Bit Torrent I got the following error message:

"It seems like Bit Torrent is already running but not responding. Please close all Bit Torrent processes and try again"

I followed the instructions and each time I restarted Bit Torrent I got the same message. So I removed Bit Torrent and installed UTorrent which worked for a while, then I got the same error message. So I removed both programs and went searching for another Torrent download program. I tried a couple of other ones but neither of them worked (got hung up), so I thought I had a virus (even though I have a virus checker). I then downloaded Bit Commet and it worked but it was not as fast as Bit Torrent. I downloaded AVG anti virus free edition and did a scan and it removed a couple of viruses. I then just now downloaded the latest BitTorrent version and tried running it again. Alas I got the same error message!!!

What is going on, I want my BitTorrent back!!

Please help this newb!!!!

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