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Ok let me explain my situation. Im on a 10mbit connections and have had the same utorrent settings for years with no problems. Since the last few version updates the client kills my internet connection on the affected computer. I only get about a third of the max bandwidth, while if i install an older client (or any other bittorrent client) i get full speeds. This isn't only happening to me, because a few friends of mine had the same problems and already use other clients. There's something wrong with the latest releases so please fix the client or post a sollution to this.

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I always use default installation settings so you should know the values i use. I only set the bandwidth part. That's 40% of max upload and 80% of max download (i can set unlimited if i enable QoS on the router).I connect through a router and I get a green flag on connect and have a port forward set up as it should be (don't blame my portforwarding or anything cause i know it works perfectly, and it worked before with older versions). I had to switch to the official bittorrent client a while ago which worked perfectly but they (you?) updated it this week and now its the same there. So now both clients seem to be broken.

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I am new to this forum, but I've been using uTorrent for about 2 and a half years with nearly no problems.

But for the last several beta 2.2 versions - there's definitely something wrong with upload speeds (even this forum has several threads about this issue, but looks like it's still discarded as a nonissue at all). So I am totally with xrand on this.

I am not arguing, I can happily use 2.0.4 version without any problems at all, I am just wondering what's gone wrong with the latest betas.

Here's my preferences:

Connection: http://i55.tinypic.com/lcx39.jpg

BitTorrent: http://i55.tinypic.com/8yxtz6.jpg

Bandwidth: http://i51.tinypic.com/kf19wx.jpg

Queueing: http://i51.tinypic.com/15wazyh.jpg

This preferences have been tested both on 2.0.4 version and the lates beta - latest beta DID experience weird upload speed problem.

You see, I have a dedicated PC, running 24/7, normally my uTorrent uploads 70-100 Gbyte per day (have been tested for nearly half a year on versions from 1.8.5 to 2.0.4 and all subsequent betas). For the last couple of betas (in the last two-three weeks) my uTorrent can't upload more than 6-8 Gbyte per day (and that's a huge drop, isn't it?).

Now I want to state, that for the last week I've been experimenting with absolutely different options (with different uTP, bandwidth, ports, HDD settings) on both 2.0.4 and latest betas version - to no visible result, latest betas DID have some weird upload speed problems.

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I have only few torrents, that require more than 10-50 connections, so 180 is just for my "mega" uploads.

Anyway - there's definitely something wrong with 2.2. betas, 2000 or 5400 - it doesn't matter - on v.2.0.4 everything is fine - on 2.2 betas it is not.

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For that matter I don't see that xrand made any specific reference to *upload* .

But, having said that , and after a short discussion on IRC, let me point you all to this latest change, that might have something to do with the issue:

-- 2010-07-09: Version 2.2 alpha (build 20502)

- Change: new, improved choker

This is a new mechanism for assigning upload slots for torrents. Though it's exact implementation/logic details are obscure, from what I heard - it does the upload slots' assignment to peers on a GLOBAL scale. So now, any of your bandwidth->max slot # per torrent is now irrelevant. It will decide how many will be auto-assigned depending on your current global-speed.

One the next releases will "fix" the GUI and delete this setting all-together.

A very preliminary (and totally NOT conclusive) test of mine, hinted to possible issues:

- uploading torrents with fewer # of peers in their list - get much less upload-data/traffic than those with plenty of seeds. In older releases - since the # of slots per torrent was a constant - seeding torrents tended to upload more or less the same amount of data.

- uploading when also downloading, and there is no upload limit set - seem to have many cut-offs.

But hey, that's why it's called beta... ;) You want stable - go get it in my sig... :P I guess a more proper test can be done only when this feature is complete with the relevant GUI changes.

I still hope possibly for some control/setting over the global max # of slots, that might have a hard-coded minimum of, say, 1 slot per active torrent :P

Some screenshots:


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