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uTorrent running = loss of DNS connectivity


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I'm a long time user of uTorrent so I'm not new but recently I've run in to a very peculiar problem. Whenever I have uTorrent running, I loose all DNS name resolution. I can ping outside IP addresses with no problems but if I ping a site, everything times out (e.g. ping google.com = bad; ping = good). I cannot browse the web. uTorrent is also unable to update trackers. Basically, with uTorrent now running on my system, it kills my internet.

I first noticed the issue when adding torrents. uTorrent is running as a service on my Windows Home Server. I had left the automatically update option unchecked because the way the service is set up, I was afraid the update would break something. I went ahead and allowed uTorrent to automatically update. Then, randomly I was not able to add any new torrents. I figured that it was simply because a "popular torrent site' was having issues at the time; magnet links from site would still work for the most part. The weird thing was that I could still download the .torrent files from my laptop and then add them to uTorrent on the WHS.

As a test, I loaded uTorrent on my desktop and laptop. The same thing happens if I were to have uTorrent open on either system. Both are new installs of Windows 7 and I've run uTorrent on my laptop before. I've played with port forwarding, Windows Firewall, setting a system to the DMZ in the router, uPNP on/off. I'm just at a complete loss.

The only thing common to everything is the router. I just recently upgraded to Time Warner's 30MB connection and they installed a new router. Symptoms started occurring around the same time. But why should having a program running stop the system from talking to the DNS?

Now the first thing I know someone is going to say, is that I am maxing out my connection's upsteam. I've already taken this in to account. I've tested with nothing being uploaded... The other option is Time Warner is stopping it somehow even though I've jumped ports.

Anyone have any ideas? This problem has basically stopped my downloading capabilites and I'm not sure how to resolve it.


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