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Speed spiking and Slow, tried everything


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Hi guys

This is a last resort for me as i have been sitting at my desk now for a good 7 hours trying all the things this forum and many others have suggested

now first off i have a netgear dgn2000 wireless router

i have a netgear WN113b pci adaptor

i have a static IP for this particular computer i am on and i have just signed up to telstra adsl2 (best i could get in my area (Brisbane Australia)

now here is the problem, i have just done a fresh install of windows vista home premium 32 bit on my PC. before it stuffed up utorrent was runnning perfectly and i had a crappy connection but still got upwards of 160-200kbs. now that i have the new isp, i had to use my laptop for a while when my home pc was down. now on my laptop with this new isp i have been gettin 600-700kbs download speed constantly. without a static ip and port forwarding set for it.

so with the amount of money i spent on my pc and getting all the right gear so it would be easy, it has turned out to be a nightmare after the fresh install of vista. my internet is running fine, ive done speed tests alot of the last few days and depending on the time it is saying anywhere from 2000kbs to 3500kbs. but utorrent is just slow, but the funny thing is it will spike to anywhere between 200 to 300kbs but then instantly will drop to .5kbs, both download and uploads are falling then spiking the falling but for the most part i am getting about 5kbs.

so its not the connection, it is vista. i had vista before my pc died same program etc and it was all working fine. i dont know what has changed since then.

so after reading alot of what has been happening with vista i tried all the fixes they are as follows

1. static ip

2. port forwarding

3. adjusted settings in utorrent to match

4. updated my firewall and virus buster (trend internet security)

5. turned off tcp auto tuning

6. applied the fix for vista that allows more connections

7. turned off my fire wall in both program and router (did nothing so turned them back on)

8. made new rules in my fire wall to match those of my router & utorrent

9. turned on domain sharing in internet options

10. upped the about of peers in utorrent.

11. tried countless different ranges of ports in both routor and utorrent.

12. enabled, disabled unup (enabled atm)

13. gone into services and activated everything to do with file transfer and connections

14. anything relating to tcpip in firewall has been tured off and on countless times.

15. updated the firmware on my router

and im sure i have forgotten some of them i been sittin here for way to long trying to figure this out. and it sucks coz whenever i think ive fixed it and the speed starts to climb it drops just a quick.

hope someone out there has been through this one and figured it out i been tryin for a long time today and its doing my head in i wanna smash this thing atm.

anyway hope you guys can help.



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hey dude thanks for your reply but as i said above i have looked over the the faqs and seached for everything. like i said last resort.

i tried wired and no difference

and before my reinstall was using the same wireless adapter and it was running perfectly.

also i have provided all the info so i dont know what you are talking about.

appriciate the reply tho

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i just found something interesting

the dns server typically and on the other computers i had on my network were the ip address of the router, but on my main pc the were a werid number. i used them as my static dns because it was what was in the ipconfig when i set up the the static ip. so anyways i changed it to the ip adress of the router and hopefully it will work. ill keep ya posted

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ok so im watching it atm, its till going up and down but not dropping as low, it is more of a constant speed now. around 25kps, but i downloaded a something before and was getting 500k on my laptop, so i have gotten somewhere but still messin up.

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I notice the same thing quite often... Looking at the speed graph when everything is 'smokin' my graph looks like a saw blade. Starts screaming and then it's like a governor kicks in. D/L speeds crater then start ramping up again only to drop again when it approaches my max D/L speed

but I'm an idiot and have no idea if it's my ISP, WAN, utorrent itself or my settings (probably a mix of all three)

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yeah it is werid

i know its not my isp coz on my laptop i get amazing speed, so its definately vista, anti virus or something else. like ive said tho i have tried everything.

im thinking of upgrading my system to windows 7 coz thats whats on my laptop and it is working like a dream. it has the same anti virus and eveything.

might be the only thing i can do, i just find it stange that before i formatted this pc, it was working perfectly. i cant see how much has changed?

also thought i should mention that i have over 60 peers connected usually and still bad sped

anyways any help would be welcome.

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ok guys this is seriously starting to piss me off, i seriously have tried everything, i changed and set to default again so many settings to see if it would help. and it did nothing.

i also noticed on my laptop that it goes up and down too, but on my laptop the spikes are 550kbs not just 30kbs.

so it is something to do with my network, and vista sucks the big one also.

it may be my router i am thinking. it is not a reccommended telsta router, but it is pretty high end so i dunno what the deal is im starting to think i may need to get a techy in, but he will probably tell me its my router and i paid someone 200bucks to tell me that.

its seriously driving me up the all 4am in the morning right now and i have been at this for 2 days.

anyway bit of a rant sorry peeps.

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i think it is my network or my router, it is playing up pretty bad, i tried a wired connection and just keep getting a unidentified network (public) with the windows auto config ip of 164.xxx.xxx thing. so i think it may be faulty equipment.

so much for high end huh

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so guys

i changed my router setting to 130mbs and it seems to have solved the problem with speed dropping off, thing is 270 is supposed to be better right ?

anyway all the gear i have on my pcs is supposed to be able to handel it but in this case i guess not. im still going to get my tech guys in to set it all up, coz i have a few things still a lil wrong with it. im gunna ask them about the 270mbs set up. only thing i can think of is it is maxing out the connection and hitting cut off or something. but we'll see.

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it says when i go into my router what setting do u want, b, g or 130mbs or 270 mbs. the 130mbs uses a single channel and the 270 uses 2 channels. i couldnt tell you want they mean but they are the settings.

so i put it back to 130 and it seems to not be doing the problem.

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That's the router's carrier signal speed, probably referring to 1 or 2 channel wireless-N modes.

...Which is not how fast your wireless card can send or receive from it.

Wireless interference is a serious problem for many people who use it. :(

Confirm your upload speed with speedtest.net

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thats the thing i have done all the speed tests, and i have n network available because of my hardware. but for some reason on the N setting 270 it is way slower then on the 130.

its basically double the speed on the 130. it doesnt bother me that i have to be on 130 but just sayin with the hardware i have i should be able to access the duel channel setting.

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its not just in utorrent tho, i have done countless speed tests on both settings, i have done all the changes outlined in all the troubleshoots on utorrent and it just keeps doing the same thing.

thanks for all your help tho.

im just gunna leave it at 130mbs becuase it is alot more stable at this setting.

ill talk to my network guys and see what the problem is

thanks again

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