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new install Windows 7 yet again headaches


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Hi there ,

Since I last left some questions about my torrents and their low speeds compared to before a re-install of windows. I recently got a new SSD and running my OS from it , which is really nice.

Hence , I had to re-install from scratch and utorrent aswell.

since last time , I admit I didn't read all the FAQ and guides , I have now and am ready to provide the necessary info to get my utorrent back to previous specs.

Torrents that are current and ran nice and smooth before the re-install and now sluggish to say the least. Same torrents were tested before and after the re-install.

I previously changed a value in advance settings (bt.tcp rate control) to false and then the downloads seemed to have sped up quite nicely. Now I have it to false again , but torrents that

are expected to start up and download within 20 minutes are now taking hours ...

Actually some are faster and some are slow , I also had an instance where it went steady at 50 kb/s and then get rushed to 3.5 mb/s for a brief moment , then back to 50 plus minus , any idea what could cause this ?

Any help is much appreciated


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We know nothing about your uTorrent settings or your internet connection type and max down/up speeds.

100mb/s Optical internet line

Utorrent settings at the moment :

[connection] 27371 port used incomming connections

Upnp/NAT-PMP both enabled

Add windows firewall exception


Maximum upload rate 11200

Number of connections (1000/200/12)


All checked except [limit local peer bandwidth]

Protocol encryption outgoing [enabled]


bt_ratelimit_tcp_only = *false

thanks for now


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