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UPDATED; white or blank screen!


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hello,hope this is right place to post?

just dl. 7.1, and tried new button on LEFT side of screen(cant remember what it said sorry, been trying for over an hr to fix myself! it was w/ no# of dls +1 more,plus this new 1?) it open in bit torrent page w/upper info ie; file,options,help+ lower info dht,dl,ul amount/speed! rest of screen white or blank, tried+read everything on page +user manual? anyway cannot get back to ORIGINAL torrent screen no matter what? dl 7.1 again but to no avail. any help would be great!


ps always a noob

UPDATE: Cannot delete post!

me bad, the problem was it had got stuck in the new apps page,(could of used a back button,refresh ,cancel or something?) then 8-10 hrs later page was visible?

i do not no or did anything @ all just opened bit torrent after 8-10hrs!

the only option i thought may be a re-install ?

my computer has been acting weird lately?

maybe i should keep up on all other appropriate up-dates (adobe,+flash programs?)

any hoot, thanks to never said i was nice, for his interest. (still could not attach image for you!) bit torrent for life! canadian charter member eh!

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