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RSS downloading problems


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Hi, I have been trying to get the auto downloading RSS feed function to work correctly.

Some problems I cant seem to figure out, maybe someone can help me.

1. If an episode does not start downloading automatically I have to select it and download it via the rss feed screen...but if i do that the files is downloaded to the default download location. Not the location setup by the filter.

2. Even if the filter shows *720p* as not to be downloaded..i still see it in the feed screen.

3. also in my "house" filter I added *desperate housewives* not to be downloaded. That also still shows up on the feed.

4. It also downloads more versions of the same episode even thou the episode filter is on.

5. Some Feeds find the right episodes but do not start downloading.

am I missing something?

hope someone can help me out.

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