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uTorrent causing system crash


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Ever since I installed the latest version of uTorrent, it has been causing my computer to crash. It only happens when using uTorrent, and now it seems to do it no matter what version of uTorrent I use. Here is the info from bluescreenview:

Dump File : Mini100210-01.dmp

Crash Time : 10/2/2010 5:31:42 AM


Bug Check Code : 0x100000d1

Parameter 1 : 0x00000000

Parameter 2 : 0x00000002

Parameter 3 : 0x00000000

Parameter 4 : 0xb9cffb49

Caused By Driver : NDIS.sys

Caused By Address : NDIS.sys+22b49

File Description : NDIS 5.1 wrapper driver

Product Name : Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

Company : Microsoft Corporation

File Version : 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-0852)

Processor : 32-bit

Computer Name :

Full Path : C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini100210-01.dmp

Processors Count : 2

Major Version : 15

Minor Version : 2600

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Okay, I will uninstall it and let uTorrent run for a while and see what happens. I will update when I get the chance. It might take a while because the crashes don't always happen quickly. Last time it happened uTorrent had been running for quite a long time

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Well so far with ZoneAlarm uninstalled I haven't had a crash yet. uTorrent has been running for at least 4 hours with no problems, so far. Then again, before even removing ZoneAlarm I've had it go longer than 8 hours before eventually crashing. So I would really need to find a large file that would keep uTorrent running for a long time if I want to really test it.. Hopefully ZoneAlarm was indeed the problem, but if I run into any more problems I'll be sure to update.

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