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A few newbie questions


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I have a few questions about the utorrent main screen. Most of the columns are pretty obvious as to what they mean, but I have some questions.

I believe a "PEER" is a person who has some of the file, but not all, and "SEED" is someone who has the whole thing. I'm thinking the first number in these columns is the number of connections I'm making and the number in parenthesis is the total number of clients online. Is this correct?

I want to do my part, so I leave the torrent open after D/L. The ratio column seems to be a ratio of the amount U/L versus D/L. Most of mine are over 2.0 which my research indicates makes me a good person. :) But what does the next column "Avail." indicate?

I found the menu that limits upload speed. Is it a good idea to limit my upload speed? Comcast has a 250Gb per month limit and I don't want to leave my computer on overnight to finish a D/L and blow thru 50 Gigs of uploads in one night. What is a reasonable upstream limit?


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