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Could it be the LAN?


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Hi guys. After a month im still unable to download anything using 'torrent 1.4'. Ive played with the settings to try and get it to work but still, nothing will download. Could it be because im connecting to the internet via a LAN. Im living in university halls and using their network. If so, is there anyway that I can change my settings to acommodate for this. Iv read lots of stuff on how to forward ports, but it makes no sense to me.

When I try and download anything it either says 'Unable to load file' or it starts to download. (well it says downloading under the status bar) but there are no seeds or peers. At first I thought that there may actually not be any seeds/peers but ive tried to download over 50 files and you would have thought that at least one would connect, but none of them work. Is it normal that when you are looking for a file to download you have to try lots and lots of different files?? Im new to this so I don't know whether its because my university has a firewall or whether im choosing the wrong files.

If the file is starting to download does this mean that the LAN isn't affecting torrent?? Is it simply the fact that there isn't anyone to connect to. Im confused. Can anyone help?

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I "use" µTorrent on 3 places.

First is at home. With firewall (soft), my router (managed by me, hardware firewall) and router from my WLAN-ISP (which I can't manage). Network-Icon is red. But download-speed is at max. (120KB/s at 1MBit up and down).--> µTorrent works fine

Second at work, also with firewall (soft), router (managed by me, hardware firewall). Network-Icon is yellow and becomes green after a while --> µTorrent works fine

Third place: also with firewall (soft), access to internet by WLAN only at a router (with soft and hardware-firewall which I can't manage) --> I newer got µTorrent to run !!!

So I think you have the same problem (my third place). Network will be red forever.

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