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WRT160N Version 3 Router, I can't port forward.


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Hey guys! So, I've been attempting to get my ports forwarded for the past few days and I swear... I've tried every bloody tutorial. I followed portforward.com, created a static ip, got my dns server from my isp, made it - forwarded la de da da. I am still having connection issues trying to connect to peers.

I'm hoping someone here has the same router as me, and can help me out or give me insight if there is an issue with this router, if they figured out a way to get by it, anything.


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UPnP is on for both uT and my router.

I can download and seed, what I want to do is increase who I can connect and seed with.

I use bG [bitGamer], and I am ''not connectable'', apparently meaning there is a vast majority of people I can't connect and seed too.

Trying to get my static ip, and open up a port - but the port never opens...

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I think I found out the problem... I was reading on a forum on portfoward.com

Tell me if I have this right...

My ip range starts at 100... My clients are 50.

Thus it should be .60 + At the end of my ip? From what I read...

Underneath that, it says ip address range 100 to 149?

How am I supposed to get out of my range then? When I lower my clients, the address range lowers with it as well. o.O

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