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Thanks DreadWingKnight for being UNfair


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As apparently you give me a (last?) occasion to answer:

You were wasting my time with a discussion I had either taken part in or seen OVER TWELVE TIMES.

I don't see how you dragging me on the discussion AGAIN was being fair.

You may have been involved over 1000 times in a discussion but that does not mean that I force(d) you to be involved once more. Actually you replied in the thread I did not start and you were fully free to do it or not.

IMO a forum is the place to exchange same or (most of the times) different opinions about a given subject. I am not forced to participate nor do you or any other person. This being said even if what you bring is true you could have said it without trashing the thread and it would have been so easy to simply point to some links since you wrote about it "over twelve times".

But if you feel better like that it's up to you because you know that you are at the control position in this forum.

@Switeck: I believe you and I might research a little in this forum but I know (having read a LOT of past threads in this forum) how most of the admins of this forum behave that's why I prefer to stay away because finally I'm loosing my time (too) with you guys not open to exchange some opinions with people not ready to agree with you. Sad but true! :(

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If you're asking to change the underlying behavior of the BitTorrent protocol, the burden's on you to create a credible argument to support your proposed change.


If you ever make an argument for a feature to add to uTorrent, don't suggest BitComet as the WAY to do things.

It'll just piss off DWK and me off to no end.


I'm closing this thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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