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uTorrent Mobile App (Php Coded)


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Hello everyone. First off i wanted to thnx the Developers for giving us uTorrent itself and WebUi later.

One thing that was always on my mind was the following scenario: I m on the move heading home and i want to download a torrent of a show that i just thought to have it ready at the time that i was home.

So i coded the following app in order to do so.

What uTorrent Mobile does :

*Connects to specific or on demand utorrent cilent

*Watches the torrents active at that time

*Searches The Pirate Bay for a torrent you want

*Shuffles through search results pages

*Orders Search results by Seeds , Size , Time of Upload

*Adds the torrent you want to your Download list and ... downloads it.

*Full Token Support.

The whole app is written in php html and javascript , so it only needs a webserver with php support and just any type of browser to run . Its liteweight and quite fast since php is server-side processed.

If you are still interested give it a try and get back to me with any bugs.

Im quite a new programmer so dont be harsh on your critics :P

Here are some pics:


*The main connection menu


*Default view with torrent status. Background color of each torrent alters depending on torrent status for fast and easy view.


*Search page


*Search results. 30 per page . Many Pages supported.

Download :

Download v0.9.2

Bugfixes :

*Fixed a problem with ETA in seconds.

*Removed a lot of files, made it half the size (37kb)

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