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Internet Connection Failure when downloading Torrent.


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I was not having this problem of downloading torrent a few weeks back and I have not formatted my PC between that time or changed any firewall.

I am using Windows 7 Home Basic 32 bit, with Vipre Premium (with Firewall), MalwarebyteAntimalware Pro and Immunet Pro.

Previously I used Free Download Manager to download torrent. 2 weeks back, I saw that I can't download any torrent with that.

So I installed the latest stable build of utorrent and was able to download again. But strangely I noticed few things.

1. The down arrow before the name of the file while downloading changes from Blue to red after few minutes. But the speed does not change.



2. When It becomed red, after some time my internet connection cuts down and still it shows connected. In the network & sharing center, it shows my PC is connected to "Multiple Networks" but not to "Internet". Even after manual disconnect and reconnect the problem does not solve. It solves only after a reboot.

This problem comes again and again and it became a pain now. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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