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Hi There

This seems a strange one, so hope someone can help. All was working with fine with uTorrent until today. Gone to start 3 downloads - however 2 of them get stopped automatically. The other one downloads a maximum of .3% before stopping and then downloaded percentage is reset to 0%. Have tried different torrents but all with the same result, so why would any torrents now stop and 'reset' after a very small download??

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Thanks for advice - total novice at this...so something 'not obvious' is baffling!

OK - in regard to torrents not working or downloading...they are working fine thorugh BitLord, so unsure as to why they would work there and not here. When checking on PirateBay, Seeds and Leechers are in their thousands, so its not as if video has limited seeders.

In regard to logger tab - message states "Error opening "C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\uTorrent\....\XXXXX.avi"".

As for status column, 2 messages:

"Invalid download state, try resuming" - tried resuming and again, it downloads .3% wih blue availability before resetting to 0% with red availability. Or

"The system cannot find the path specified"

Would a re-install of uTorrent help?

Thanks again

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