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Upload speed drops to almost 0.


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After uploading new torrents and they start seeding and even if it's only to one other user they upload fast for a couple of minutes then drop to speeds of about 1.0KB/s. If I stop the torrent and restart it again then it's fast again for a couple of minutes and then drops again. Same is happening with all torrents that are being snatched.

I've only noticed this happening since upgrading to Version 2.0.4 build 21586.

Port fowarding is all ok.

Upnp enabed

NAT-PMP mapping disabled

Andy ideas please.

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Upgraded to the latest build checked all settings and still having the same issue..

If my isp is being awkward is there any way around this?

I am connectable and use random ports.


Ok I've worked out what is happening buy not why.

Uploads run fine until I start a download then my uploads drop to around 0.5KB/s

I then stop the uploads and restart them and the speed is fast again while the download still continues.

So for some reason the fresh download knocks down the uploads until I restart them.


I'm not able to use another seedbox and I'm running the very latest uTorrent with XP service pack 2

Usually I can upload at around 80KB/s

Upload limited 45KB/s atm

Download Limited 150KB/s atm

So I know it's not a set up issue with regards to bandwidth limiting.

Any ideas please.

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I have the very same problem. And this only since upgraded to build 22150 from 21515

I don't have the time to read lots of documentation and stuff unless it is important for you to determine a bug.

If not than I will be happy to find out how to roll back to the previous version.


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I'm sorry for my nonconstructive action but I rolled back to 21515 and now it WORKS PERFECT.

This means that is not about my ISP. Since I'm not the only one to have the same problem is most likely a bug in the new release or may be a tracker problem since I have used only one private tracker.

If you need me to help find out the problem I could allocate some time for this but don't ask me to read the FAQ because I didn't found 'today' this client or forum.

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I adopted the simplest solution because I need to download some files now and don't have the time to hit the stop and start buttons every five minutes to resuscitate the torrents.

But I want to help find what the problem in the new version is because I appreciate your work and this great community.

I think I don't understand where are you pointing with "those two guides"

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