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Downloaded uTorrent yesterday, now computer freezes and shuts down


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So yesterday I downloaded uTorrent for the first time, I downloaded a few files from kickasstorrents.com. As usual, my laptop kept shutting down (happens anytime I download a large file, watch videos, etc.) I didn't use it again until this morning. I was online for about half an hour, then I opened uTorrent tried to download another file. The computer froze almost immediately. Since then, in normal mode it has either started up okay, then froze, or started up and shut off. Although it runs fine in safe mode. I ran the windows memory scan, turned up fine, and an online malware scan, also fine. I tried doing a system restore multiple times (to a date from last month), but the computer would shut down with a blue screen coming up about how it shut down the computer, etc. I'm all out of ideas now. I'm on a dell inspiron 1525 with an intel core 2 processor and windows vista.

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