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speed of appreantly good torrents , is slow.


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Hello, I am trying ot figure out IF I even have an issue with Utorrent.

I have done the "speed test", and have :

Down 1607.5 kB/s (confirmed units are Bytes, and reran test, getting 750kB/s now)

up 57.9 kB/s

57.9 kB/s =463.2 kb/s

I used the 512 kb/s setting given in the conservitive settings guide on this forum...

I am unable to do the "build in " speed test, though the second test on that page works (port forward test).

The hypothisis that it is set up and working correctly is supported with the download of the "open office" package, that when I start it, it will hit 300 KB/sec 12 seeds, and 2 peer within seconds, withover 400 kB/s trasfered. (average of about 350) with in a min it will speed up a little more, and join with another 10 seeds +/- --- all looks well. However 300 of the 350 in band width is comeeing from 1 single peer (not sure if that is bad).

untiil I try some other torrents(3 running), the other ones are

1)16 (22) seeds 0(18 peers). at only 10.2 kB/s

2)and another , very popular one, 14(1786)seeds 20(2705) peers at 2.7-.3 kB/s

3)14(16) seend 12(42)seeds at 7 kB/s

In all cases, the upload rate is never higher then 3 kB/s (note max upload rate is set to 47)

So this has created a bit of a conumdrum in my head, the first set of tests, seems to indicate it is all working well, but later tests don't, Have I just picked a poor set of torrents?

I can post other settings and such if you like, but I felt that the open office test would reveal a lot about what is happening; and be a good starting point.

Also note, this is on a new machine, with a freash install of windows 7.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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I have confirmed the units , and just slighty edited my post- the only correction made was to the trasfer of torrent number 3 to kB, rather then Kb

ran speed test again,

1773 kBYTE/s down

57kB/s up

When I started the torrent this time, torrent 1 ramped up , and exceded 300kB/s for about 2 min, then it dropped like a rock to about the number seen yesterday (abotu 21kB/s)

uploads are about 1/10th of this, but did for a moment sit at about 40-50kB/s

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Additionial information:

The graph of the fiel trasfer is very "jagged" look s like a saw tooth, or a serires of waves.

additioinially, I have opserved teh "net work" section of the resource monitor, and it is actting differently then I would have expected.

it is trasfering about 230 kb/s, but about every 28 second the trasfer jump to about 5 times taht for about 5 seconds, then back down again. This is a mimic of the "up /down cycles seen in utorrent.

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speed tests are form speedtest.net, the sugestted site. I coulddo a screen capture, but I don't kwow any easy way to pot it in here, I am happy to try it with different units if you wish.

Also, I have even more additionial information, that is interesting.

The computer, I am setting up is new, win7. It is a obvious question, "how does it work on theold computer?"

well, GREAT!

The old computer is also hooked to the gigabit switch. but running 32 bit win xp.

I loaded up 2 of the torrents, and recieve 300+ kBb/s on both, with in about 2 mins. sometimes it would peak to twice that. +/-

I went through the settings, and noted differeance, it is really only the "Bandwidth setting (listed below) "

setting, old(working), new(not working)

max. upload rate, 0, 47

global max number of connection, 500, 100

max number of connected peers per torrent, 250, 40

number of upload slots per torrent, 4, 4

old version =2.0.4 (build 21586)

new =2.0.4 (build 22150)

Note I have nat-pmp port mapping turned on on both, but manualling setting up the prot forwarding in my router.

--interesting side note-- I had to trun off the "other" to test each one, they kept finding each other, andn giving me 1.5 mB/s rates LOL, cool that it does taht, I didn't know it found "internal stuff".

This leads me to think this is an issue with windows 7, ... as a long shot, I am useing 4 kB sector size on my drives, is this of interest.

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I had already read, and investigated the 3rd link in your sig before my inital post. I to not think this is a issue with isp.

Here is why, everything has, (AND STILL DOES), work fine on my old windows XP machine.

In fact to prove the point, I have stopped the torrents on the new machine, and use THE SAME TORRENTS on the older machine. They are currently runnin at about 80- 250 kB/s for about 25mins so far.

These are the same torrent taht can barely hit 10kB/s on the new machine... exact same files.

I will continue to moitor them for the next few hours. --- - but if it is ISP relatred, why would my old xp machine preforem 8-25 times better on the exact same connection. (they are even wired the same ... through gigabit switch, and then to router, then to modem.)

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I did further testing last night.

I always disable the torrent on one machine, before enableing it on another machine. (other wise they see eachother, and interact in a way that cause me to recieve poor datat on the preformance of them).

everytime I would disable the new computer , running at 25 kB/s and enable the old one it woiuld jump up to about 250-400kB/s. This was not just a bumb, it sat there for 2 hours like this the first time. I periodically flipped back and forth, with identical results each time.

I installed vuse on the new machine, its data was not consistant, bu tit appear to have issues as well, but woiuld substain about 80 kB/s.

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