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CSV Creation for Completed Downloads


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I'd like to see a function that we can use to create a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file that can easily be imported into Excel, so that additional statistical data can be extrapolated.

The CSV should include all the details of the information displayed in the "General" tab of a completed torrent, in addition to obvious details such as "Torrent Name", "Save Name", "Date Added" and "Date Completed". Values must, where necessary, be presented in the lowest-common-denominator format (For example, 15.6MB must appear as 16357785, the byte value)

I needs such a function because I need to be able to draw statistical data about bandwidth usage during specific times of the month, and having to manualy copy/paste over 20 bits of information for 1000's of torrents is an impossible task.

It could generate the CSV from either those completed torrents that are selected, or from the entire list.

I'm sure that other users out there can find a use for such a function.

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