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Trackers not working in 2.0.4


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Since updating to uTorrent 2.0.4 most trackers have not been working properly in my torrents. DHT and Peer Exchange continue to function, but standard trackers are throwing "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network" and "Connection timed out" errors.

As far as I am aware none of my other internet settings or programs have changed in this time, and while I know anti-virus software is often to blame, I have tried disabling my internet security programs (Kaspersky 2010) and updating the trackers and the problem has persisted. Network operation is still shown as OK with the green check mark, and I have also not changed the ports I've forwarded during this time.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Right now the only torrent I have running that I can check has these trackers, with none working:








I can't check any other torrents at this moment, but all the public torrents I've used for the past few days, at the least, have had this issue.

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Some of those do work, moogly, thanks. Perhaps it has nothing to do with my configuration, then, and the fact of my updating uTorrent was just coincidental.

For the record, I'm having difficulty finding a way to make Kaspersky "forget" uTorrent so that I can then tell it it is trustworthy again. All I can do is change it from trusted to another level, I can't seem to delete it per se.

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@Gwardinen - I'm a neophyte, so treat the following with caution, but: do you have PeerBlock / Peer Guardian / a modified HOSTS file or similar installed / hardware firewall that has Parental Control / similar that's been edited to block access to the IPs that these trackers use? I ask because I recently installed PeerBlock 1.1. and found it was blocking outgoing traffic in response to what looked like a port scanning exploit or similar, as there were repeated/continual http:80 requests being sent to my computer by (Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan).

I looked up this IP and it is the bittorrent tracker "<http://tracker.istole.it/announce>" despite the IP suggesting it is in Italy -- it's in Sweden.

So it's on the blocked sites list used by at least PeerBlock and that means if it is listed as a tracker in any of your torrents that are seeding, it will be trying to communicate back to your PC but the outgoing traffic in response to it from your PC will be blocked by PeerBlock. It seems "<http://tracker.istole.it/announce>" keeps sending requests and does not time out when it gets no reply from the uTorrent application on your PC because of the blocking action by PeerBlock.

The tracker also has a udp address: "<udp://tracker.istole.it:80/announce>" which is also on the block lists used by PeerBlock and so outgoing traffic to that also is blocked. However, as far as I can see, the udp initiator at the tracker does not seem to loop (or loop as much) with repeated requests as its http variant does.

By the way I don't think "<tracker.istole.it>" is the only tracker on the block lists used by PeerBlock and other similar.

Comments anyone? I previously searched for some messages on this interaction with PeerBlock but couldn't immediately find anything. I'd be interested to hear for example if good tracker configuration includes for instance setting a timeout for ceasing update requests / replies to uTorrent if they are not responded to after a certain period. What happens otherwise when you stop seeding or close down uTorrent?


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If you think this is a legitimate tracker, you can go to the Bluetack Forms & reguest that it's IP be removed from the Blocklist, OR added to the allowed list. Personally, if they block it, I let it block. However, there have been requests in their forums where blocked IP's were 'excepted' from their lists from time to time.


isepiq :cool:

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