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Trouble With Tracker URL(s) in Creation of Private Torrents


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I've never made a private torrent before--I don't know how! No prob with public torrents, have made lots of those, but now I wanna make some private ones.

I'm trying to follow the instructions on this tutorial page:


I've started reading under the heading there that reads "Using uTorrent's Built-In Tracker". I'm having trouble with step #2. It reads:

2. Check that your port is opened properly by entering your port number below and clicking Submit.

Um, where do I get this number to fill in there? I don't know what my port number is!

Please help!...

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Okay, I tried that.

I created the torrent with the first tracker mentioned and sent it to some guy. It took a while to say that it was working on my end and not offline. Meanwhile I added the next two trackers. The second also said offline, but the third said "working" as soon as I added it. I then removed the second, sent the third URL to the guy. He says he added it and that both URLs reported working on his end as well, but did not turn up 1 seeder on his end, though it did on mine, but no peers though.

I'm using the latest version of µTorrent, and that guy claims he's using the same.

Help! Help! HELP ME! :'((

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